Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who arranges my building and pest inspection?

We will liaise with the current tenants, agents or sellers to arrange for access to the property.

Is a building and pest inspection always necessary?

For a relatively small investment of a few hundred dollars, a combined building and pest inspection can give you total peace of mind that the property you’re buying is structurally sound and free of potentially damaging pests. It can also help you negotiate the sale price if there are costly repairs that need to be done.

As a seller, an inspection can also give you confidence that the house you’re selling is in good condition and you won’t get any surprises when the buyer gets their own inspection done.

How many inspectors will be inspecting the house?

Usually one, however sometimes there will be a helper working with the inspector.

How long does the inspection take?

On average, a combined building and pest inspection will take between 60 and 90 minutes to complete. This depends largely on the size of the house, any difficulties during the inspection and sometimes if the house is older, this may take longer to inspect.

Do you use thermal imaging/infrared cameras?

Yes, we definitely use thermal imaging. This will show up things that are not perceptible to the human eye such as a water leak or a termite infestation.

How can I obtain a building and pest inspection quote?

You can view our inspection packages and pricing here on our website. By clicking on ‘Book Now’, you can send us an email, which we will promptly respond to via email or phone to book in your inspection. Or you may prefer to call us directly on 0491 046 600 to make a booking or to discuss your inspection options.

When do I get my building inspection report?

The great news is, you will get your certified building inspection report the same day as the inspection.

What locations do you service?

You can view our inspection service areas here.

What experience do your inspectors have?

We are a fully licensed and insured building and pest inspector and have passed rigorous training and examinations to become a qualified building inspector. 

The owners of Total Build and Pest have over 35 years of experience in the building industry as well as project managing and constructing residential homes from start to finish.

Do you inspect the roof void?

Yes. If your roof void is easily accessible and safe to access then we will inspect it.

If the inspector deems that the roof void is unsafe to enter, we will do all that we can to inspect it by other means. This may involve a visual inspection from the manhole or an exterior roof inspection. The report will clearly outline how the roof void was inspected and if there were any impediments.

If I have a concrete slab, do I still need a timber pest inspection?

Yes. This is important, as there is no subfloor for the inspector to assess due to the concrete being on the ground.

Termites only need very small gaps in the concrete to gain access to timber structure (e.g. gaps around pipes, electrical cables, through covered weep holes etc).

I have a steel framed house, do I still need a building and pest inspection?

Yes. Steel framed houses still contain a number of elements which are made of timber such as doors, cabinets, window frames etc which are all prone to termite infestations. Also, the building inspection itself can reveal if there are any structural elements to the house that are unsatisfactory.